2015 Tourney Wrap Up

Hello friends,

As far as the Tournament goes, this one was pretty good. Maybe it’s because I was a little more invested in it this year, but it managed to keep my attention. Just a few observations until next year.

  • I think I’ve said this in a previous post, but teams like Virginia are KILLING the NCAA. They make it unwatchable. 41-40 final scores are pathetic and those teams will never make it far because there will always be a better offense out there that beats your defense. When a defense-based team beats four Top 25 teams in a row to win the title, give me a call.
  • For the most part, I’m very happy how the final four played out. A couple things go differently, and we could’ve been watching a Notre Dame vs Wisconsin final four game, followed by a Notre Dame vs Michigan St final. *eerily thinking about purchasing a noose* But since Kentucky knocked off the Irish, none of that had to come to fruition. *shelving those noose-thoughts for another time*
  • There were six teams that had offensive and defensive efficiencies in the top 25 by the end of the tournament. Wisconsin was not one of them. Duke was. I could’ve told you (and probably did) who was going to win the final after Saturday’s semifinals ended.
  • Hats off to Duke’s defense…they got it done last night. They got out to the perimeter very quickly to prevent the open looks that Kentucky and Arizona gave up. Dekker was broke and Kaminsky was held in check all game, even with Okafor getting in foul trouble.
  • Frank Kaminsky is a bust. He can’t play defense, he’s a twig, and he’s going to end up in the D-League, playing overseas with Badger-and-St-John’s-Northwestern-Military-Academy-alum Trevon Hughes, or renting out cars at Enterprise.
  • Sam Dekker has potential; his ceiling is the Chandler Parsons from two years ago…so not terrible.
  • Gonzaga, Arizona, and Villanova are always overrated. No matter how high of a seed they get, they’re gonna get bounced sooner or later.
  • Despite getting to the final, Wisconsin is on that list as well.
  • Michigan State, North Carolina, and Louisville are usually underrated. No matter who’s on the team, you have a chance with Izzo, Roy, or Pitino.
  • Even though “One Shining Moment” is a terribly written song, right below “Insert Kanye West song here” and right above “Insert Pitbull song here”, I wish that montage of the tourney would go on for 10 minutes longer.
  • I’m relieved that instead of every commercial, it’ll be every other commercial that I see a Buick, Coke Zero, Quicken Loans, Buffalo Wild Wings, Christian Laettner, or any other of those ads that run on a continuous loop. For fuck’s sake, we get that your Buick gets fucking wifi!
  • The Masters start on Thursday

Til’ next year.


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